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Saving lives, one call at a time.

"It takes flexibility and teamwork to be a successful dispatcher and as a SECC dispatcher I am proud to work with an excellent team of people that are dedicated to helping people."
~ Kathryn (4+ years dispatching)

How training looks for a new SECC Team Member

Training is crucial in preparing our staff for the daily duties they will be responsible for.  Our training process is very intense and prepares you for a career unlike any other.  We provide over 30 weeks of base training with the understanding that training is on-going throughout your career as a SECC dispatcher/call-taker.

Click the image above (Time To Learn) to take a look at our 30 week outline to give you a perspective of what it takes to be a SECC team member.

Job Title: Warrant Clerk

Closing Date/Time: Friday, 8/7/2020, 4:30 pm

Salary: $17.42 to $24.01 per hour

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Davenport, Iowa

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Job Summary

Under basic supervision, the Warrant Clerk performs a variety of clerical tasks to process, enter, and cancel warrants. Assists County staff, outside agencies, and the public with warrant inquiries.

Job Responsibilities

Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include any of the following representative duties, knowledge, and skills. This list is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and duties performed by incumbents of this class. Employees are required to be in attendance and prepared to begin work at their assigned work location on the specified days and hours. Factors such as regular attendance at the job are not routinely listed in job descriptions, but are an essential function. Essential duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Processes, enters, reviews, verifies, and validates warrant entries; prints forms; retrieves files; stamps warrants; makes changes New World status, cancels warrants by updating Iowa/NClC entry and running and reviewing information to verify removal.

Check database for active warrants and existing report numbers; prepares warrant notification letters and labels.

Retrieves and reviews criminal history, driving records, and vehicle information for active warrants and documents pertinent information on cover sheet.

Reviews new warrant entries for accuracy; corrects entries as needed and updates files.

Answers phone inquiries from staff, the public, and outside agencies; assists staff with searching for warrant files and handling warrant issues.

Verifies the accuracy of information in active warrants by running criminal history, driving, and vehicle information; makes corrections to New World and NCIC entries and documents changes in files.

Completes a daily activity log to monitor work flow.

Verifies current status of those detained on local warrants by checking various agencies' websites or via phone call.

Demonstrates the ability to exemplify, by his/her actions, the County PRIDE philosophy.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Standards for Initial Consideration

Education, Training, and Experience Guidelines:
High school diploma or GED equivalent; AND two (2) years of clerical or recordkeeping experience; OR an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Knowledge of:

Records maintenance and retention policies, procedures, and practices.

Customer service principles, practices, and etiquette.

General office policies, procedures, practices, and equipment.

Customer service principles, practices, and etiquette.

Skill in:

Operating a computer to include standard software and some specialized software.

Working independently.

Typing and entering data with speed and accuracy.

Maintaining accurate records and filing systems.

Establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships.

Communicating effectively verbally and in writing.

Supplemental Information

License and Certification Requirements
Must obtain NCIC certification within six (6) months of hire.

Physical Demands and Working Environment:
Work is performed in a standard office environment.


The following is a summary of benefits provided to non-union County employees. Benefits for employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement may vary somewhat depending on specific contract provisions.

Thanks to Everyone who took the opportunity to apply for the position of Public Safety Dispatcher. 

Our hiring process has been completed and a Candidate Eligibility List has been created. 

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What it takes to be SECC

Scott Emergency Communications Center is a unique consolidated dispatch center in Scott County, Iowa. We strive to provide the best service and ensure the safety of our responders. 

We look for strong dedicated individuals who work as a team with excellent communication skills, have the ability to multi-task, gather, process, and disseminate information from a variety of sources quickly and accurately, and the ability to make split-second decisions in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

We are the first, first responders. The eyes and ears to every situation we encounter, with a calm reassuring voice at the end of the line that help is on the way!

Do you have what it takes to join our team?

Our Hiring Process

Advertise/Accept Applications
On-line applications ONLY (via NeoGov)
Initial Application Screening
Human Resources - reviews/screens applications then refers screened applications to SECC.
SECC Application Screening
SECC reviews/screens applications and refers screened applications to HR for next step.
Testing Invitations
Screened applicants receive invitations to schedule testing.
Applicant Testing (3 parts)
All applicant testing conducted at SECC.
      A. CritiCall Testing
          Part 1
 Decision-making and keyboarding skills.
(Minimum keyboarding score of 35 words per minute
is required to proceed to Part 2)
      B. CritiCall Testing
          Part 2
Data-entry, multi-tasking, call summarization, cross-referencing, memory recall, prioritization, basic math, probability, map reading, spelling, and reading comprehension.
(Minimum score of 85%, in 'non data-entry' categories, is required to proceed to Part 3)
      C. Hogan Personality                 Inventory (HPI)
Test applicant's personality traits against those desired to be successful in a public safety dispatching environment.
(Adjustment, ambition, sociability, interpersonal sensitivity, prudence, inquisitiveness, and learning approach)
Those passing HPI are referred to HR to schedule interviews.
Interview Invitations
Candidates (referred from previous step) are invited to schedule an interview
Candidates have initial interview
(Candidates are scored and placed on an Eligibility List - 
The list is valid for 1 year)
Background Check
HR performs employer and personal reference checks on eligible candidates.  SECC performs criminal history background check.
2nd Interview
Conditional Offer
 As training slots become available, candidates are brought in for a 2nd interview.  If favorable, the Conditional offer is made (Conditional of passing the Hearing/Drug screening tests)
Hearing/Drug Screening Tests (Post-Offer)
 Hearing is an essential job requirement.
Estimated Start Date
 Exciting career begins for first successful candidates.  
The others remain on the Eligibility List.